1. Log in to your organization at org.d21.me
  2. Then select your organization

3) Hover over Create a Poll and select Advanced Poll

4) At the first page, fill out the title of the poll, include a main image that will appear on the background of the main page, and any description about the poll

5) Select the timing of the poll

6) Select the type of publishing response you would like

7) If you want to send voters to another website after they have voted, enter that here:

8) Click Save Draft and then Advance

9) For Main Question, this will be the question that appears above the poll question itself

10) Select if you would like to randomize the order, use minus votes, or make any questions optional

11) Begin to enter the poll options:

12) To add a category, click on “assign category”.  To add a new category, click “manage category”

13) Add your categories here:

14) To add a picture to the category, click on the picture icon:

15) Assign photos for each category:

16) Continue on to select your options for authentication

17) Continue on to fill in any demographic survey information you would like to collect:

18) To create your own question, scroll down to Create Your Own Question:

19) Continue on to review the final poll:

20) Click Complete only once you are sure everything is correct.  The poll cannot be edited after it is launched.