You can create an advanced poll only as an organization member. More about organization members here: Become an organizer.

1. Log in and choose an organization.

2. Choose Advanced poll in the upper bar

3. Now you are in basic settings of the advanced poll. Choose an appropriate poll title and main language.

a) Create a supplementary website for the poll (PROLINK)

b) In a continuous voting mode voters can change their vote during the voting process.

c) Voters can propose options themselves which will be voted on

d) Voters can be sent to a certain landing page after they have voted

e) Allow paper ballots e.g. for senior citizens (PROLINK)

4. Fill in the question name and options from which voters can choose.

A. More types of questions may be created e.g. Big projects and small projects

B. To each option may be inlcuded additional detail e.g. prize, locality, or a picture

5. Select an exact date of voting start, end and publication of results.

6. Voters may be informed about the release of your poll. Invite them manually with their e-mail adresses or from your address book in our application.

7. It is recommended to include any form of verification so the voting process is legitimate.

8. An optional part of the poll is a small survey. Gain a useful insight of your voters. Add preset or create custom survey questions, they may be either mandatory, or optional for the voters.

9. Everything is set now, application will generate a link through which voters get access to the poll.

Double-check if everythins is at the right spot. After publishing the poll, nothing can be changed later on.


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