Welcome to our tutorial on how to create an advanced poll using the D21 application! The following list of instructions and tips should allow you to navigate our platform swiftly and easily.

General tip!

Multiple users can create / be editing different polls under one organization at the same time. It is not recommended to simultaneously work on one poll – you may be overwriting each others work. 

Accessing your account:

Start off by going to http://org.d21.me and sign in

Then click on the PBNYC2017 option:

Setting up your Advanced Poll:

Click “CREATE A POLL” at the top menu of the page.

At this point, you will have the option to choose between creating a “Quick poll” or an “Advanced poll”. Select the “Advanced poll” option.

Proceed the following steps:

  1. Enter the title of your poll in the following format:
    District XX
    Council Member: First Middle Last
  2. Enter the main language of your poll (only affects the language used when invitation emails and results are sent out — not the content your input). The default for all NYC polls should be set to English.
  3. Insert a description or introduction. This will appear at the beginning of your poll. You have the choice of including text, images, link, file, media. Here is where we recommend including directions for how you would like users to fill out/understand the options presented
  4. Choose a start and end time (and timezone)
  5. Decide how you would like to present the results to your users
  6. Decide whether you would like to implement “minus votes” or not.#4 Basic settings 2
  7. Select “Do not publish results for now”
  8. Make sure to check “enable paper ballot”
  9. Saveall of your work! Go to the right side of the page and click “Save draft”
  10. Click “Next”

Creating your poll options: **a sample poll has been made and is in the draft section.  You may go in and duplicate this poll to save time**

  1. Type in the project name in the box that reads, “OPTION NAME”.
    !Character limit for PB NYC is 80 characters! 
  2. Click “add Perex”. Perex will show on the back side of the paper ballot as additional information to the project title.
    It will also appear in the digital ballot overview.
    !Perex length is limited to 140 characters!
  3. If you would like to have the ballot randomized, click “shuffle poll options”
  4. #5 Create poll options
  5. Click “assign category”, and then choose “manage categories”. This allows you to write a category name that this option falls under. An example would be, environment or infrastructure.
    You can also add category image, which will also appear on the ballot.
  6. To add location and price, click “set properties” and then “add a new property”. #7 Set properties 1
  7. Finally, add a detailed description of the project. This can include text, an image, link, attached file, or even a video from YouTube.
    This detailed description will only be visible on the digital ballot, NOT on paper ballots.

#8 Set detailed content

  1. Save all of your work! Go to the right side of the page and click “Save draft”.
  2. Once saved, you can preview your poll by clicking the “preview poll” button on the right side of the screen
  3. Repeat the above process for as many options as you choose to insert.

Creating your poll in different languages:

Once you have input all of your options in English (which we believe is the easiest way to expedite the translation process), you now have the option to create the same poll in other languages. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. While you are still on the “Options” page, click “Save draft” on the right side of the screen.
  2. Now, click the text on the right side of the screen that says “Add translation”.
  3. A box will appear asking you which language you would like to use as the “Original language”. (which means which language you are translating from), and which language you would like to “Add” (which means translate to). If you filled out your original poll in English, click “Prefill” from English. Once you decide on what languages you will be translating to and from, click “Add [that language] translation”.#6.2 Translation box
  4. A new string of text will appear on your options page that tells you that you are now editing in the language you chose to add.#6.3 New Language
  5. While it may not seem like it, at this point, you have actually been directed to an entirely new options page. Your English options carried over from the original page, but you now have the ability to edit those options to the new language without altering your original poll.#6.3.1 Options transfer
  6. The options do not directly translate to your new language, so it is your responsibility to manually translate each one of the options from your original poll to your new poll. You can switch between the two options pages (in the two languages) by changing the editing language towards to top of the screen.#6.5 Switching between options
  7. Repeat this process for as many languages as you wish to translate to.

Inviting voters to your poll:

You can skip this step for PB NYC.

Setting your user authentication settings:

Select Verified Only

Then select both “verify invited people automatically” AND “SMS/Mobile Phone Verification”


Deciding on which personal details you would like to ask users for:

—–D21 will set this up for you, please do not add anything in this step. ——

One of the most interesting features of our product is the ability to analyze data by cross-referencing results with demographical data. To take full advantage of this service, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose from the list of options on the left-side column, and decide whether you wish that information to be required of your voters or not
  2. Click on the “Create your own category” option at the botton of the left-side column and create a new personal information question. You will need to fill in possible options for your users to choose between.
  3. Save your work! Go to the right side of the page and click “Save draft”.

Check your work with the “Summary” page:

The next page you will be directed to is titled, “Summary”. On this page, you will be asked to look over all of the work you’ve done and options you’ve chosen. These include but are not limited to:

  • Start and end times for the poll
  • Poll options and other content
  • Plan for publishing
  • Authentication choice

#13 Summary

This page will also show you if you have incorrectly inputed contect or have accidentally skipped a step. Make sure to double-check everything!

Going live with your poll:

Your final step is to click the “Create Poll” button, and to watch as your poll goes live. Congratulations!

#14 Live poll

You are now encouraged to give yourself a pat on the back.