1. To add a new person who will do registrations, you must invite a user to your organization and assign him/her with the role of “registrar”.
  2. The invited user will receive a request to confirm his/her membership in your organization, which he/she must confirm.
    E-mail verification
  3. After confirming the request by clicking on the blue button that reads, “LET’S DO IT”, the user will be redirected to a new page asking him/her to complete registration by filling in a password and confirming the terms of use of D21.
    Sign up for registrar
  4. The user will then receive a message asking him/her to confirm his/her e-mail address.
    E-mail verification
  5. After confirming the email address by clicking the big blue button that reads, “VERIFY MY E-MAIL ADDRESS”, the user will get to the confirmation page, where he/she can go to the registration application and log in.
  6. If the link to the registration application does not work, the user can visit the following address: https://org.d21.me
    Login to registration app
  7. We recommend setting the link to the registration application as your homepage, at least for the duration of the poll’s registration process.