1. For adding new voters to we use contacts lists . You can create as many lists as you want and add voters into them, so you can categorize your voters. Once as you have contact lists you can use them to invite group of people to polls.
    1. First step is to be registered and signed into the organization (https://org.d21.me). If you have no idea how to do it, click on How to became an organization member. Now fill your credentials and click on “sign in”Login to registration app
    2. If you are member of more than one organization, choose one.
    3. Click on “Contacts” in top bar.
    4. Now you are on the page where you can search for contacts, create new lists or use already created ones.listsen
    5. After you display the list you can add new contacts to the list and copy, move or delete existing contacts.

    Add new contact


    • After save, you will be asked to send invitations to already running polls. If you choose some, contact will recieve e-mails with invitation to the choosen polls.