Thanks to poll detail you have the overview of the running poll and you can edit some poll parameters.

To running poll detail you can go from the poll list via blue button “detail” wich is in the right section. To already ended poll detail you can go by click on the white arrow on the same blue button.

dashboard poll

Configuration and poll process

  • On the top of the poll detail is survey about settings and poll type.
  • Graf is showing amount of voters which already voted in poll.


In this section is survey about e-mail invitiations. Survey is divided to three parts.

  1. amount of invited people (in the bracket is amount of delivered invitations)
  2. show invited people
  3. amount of voters which entered the poll
  4. amount of voters which finished the poll

Add more pins

  • if you have poll verification through PINs, you can add more of them by IMPORT or GENERATE. You can see already active PINs (not used yet) as well SHOW PIN LIST.


Results publishing

  1. Interim results
  2. Automatically as soon as poll ends
  3. Automatically at certain time
  4. Manually