You must have Windows 10 Pro or a more updated version of Windows.

  1. Create a new windows account and call it kiosk (can be local).
  2. Sign in to this account.
  3. Open the Store.
  4. Search for the D21 kiosk app and install.
  5. Logout the kiosk user and log in to your regular account.
  6. In settings Accounts -> Family & other users, click on Set up assigned access.assignedAccessW10
  7. Set the account to kiosk and the app to D21 kiosk.assignedAccessDialogW10
  8. Login to the kiosk account to start kiosk model.
  9. To exit the kiosk mode, press the windows key quicky several times.

Additionally, it is possible to set up automatic login to the kiosk user.

  1. Press Win+R, type netplwiz and press enter.
  2. Select kiosk user in the list and uncheck User must enter a user name and password to use this computer. autologin
  3. Click on Apply and enter the kiosk password.
  4. Restart to begin using kiosk mode.