Widget for registration is a useful tool where voters can sign up themselves into your list of contacts. More about contacts here: List of contacts

Widget production

1. Choose a contact list you would like to use the widget and click display.

2. Click on “build your community”.

3. Activate the widget (singup form).

4. D21 will generate a singup form URL.

5. D21 will generate a unique code that you may put into the source code of your website.

6. Click on form settings to customize the form

8. Voters can now add themselves into the list of contacts on their own! After filling in the details, they will receive a confirmation e-mail. Then they will be automatically added into the list of contacs.


Do you have any additional questions? Do not hesitate to contact us on info@d21.me

Would you like to report any errors and bugs? Please do so by filling in this form: BugReport