Translating D21 in different languages

To translate all the instructional texts into different languages, D21 uses a tool called Transifex.

Marissa has been set as a “Team Manager” of NYC translation team.

Inviting translators

You can invite other Team Managers, or add Language Coordinators, Reviewers, and Translators to a team. To invite a Team Manager, Language Coordinator, Reviewer, or Translator to a team:

  • Click the Teams tab in the main navigation.
  • In the header, click Invite collaborators.teams-overview.png#asset:361
  • In the popup, put in that person’s Transifex username or email address and assign them a role in your organization. Anyone who doesn’t have a Transifex account yet will receive an email with a signup link.teams-invite.png#asset:362
  • Once you’ve filled in all the details, hit Send invitation.
  • To invite additional collaborators, click Invite more. Repeat Step 3 above and click the + icon to add them to the list of invitees. Click Send invitation to invite all the users in your list.

Translating variables

In order to protect variables and HTML tags that exist in the source string, Transifex replaces them with special placeholders.


When you click on those placeholders in the source string area they are copied in the translation string area. Alternatively use the keyboard shortcut Alt+number to copy an HTML placeholder.




Translation - variables


The projects that need to be translated are:

  • d21-api – paper ballots
  • d21-pbnyc2017-gateway
  • d21-email-templates
  • d21-web-client : core-d21.pot

Packages to be translated