Translating D21 in different languages

To translate all the instructional texts into different languages, D21 uses a tool called Transifex.

Marissa has been set as a “Team Manager” of NYC translation team.

Inviting translators

You can invite other Team Managers, or add Language Coordinators, Reviewers, and Translators to a team. To invite a Team Manager, Language Coordinator, Reviewer, or Translator to a team:

  • Click the Teams tab in the main navigation.
  • In the header, click Invite collaborators.teams-overview.png#asset:361
  • In the popup, put in that person’s Transifex username or email address and assign them a role in your organization. Anyone who doesn’t have a Transifex account yet will receive an email with a signup link.teams-invite.png#asset:362
  • Once you’ve filled in all the details, hit Send invitation.
  • To invite additional collaborators, click Invite more. Repeat Step 3 above and click the + icon to add them to the list of invitees. Click Send invitation to invite all the users in your list.


Here is a Transifex’s own help site on how to use the tool for translations. 

The projects that need to be translated are:

  • d21-api – paper ballots
  • d21-pbnyc2017-gateway
  • d21-email-templates
  • d21-web-client : core-d21.pot

Packages to be translated