To add names and email addresses during pre-registration:

  1. log in to
  2. click on “Contacts”

3. Click on “Create New Contact” – (each District should already be created, if one is not there, then click “Create New Group” and label it the District that is not there)

4. Add the voter’s email, name, preferred language, and address.  When changing Preferred Language, the voter’s future communication (email with instructions of how to vote and a link to the ballot) will be in that language.

5. Scroll below the contact information and select the appropriate district for the voter’s address.  This will make sure they are sent the correct ballot.

6. Click “Save”

During Vote Week

To add a voter’s e-mail address for e-mail authentication:

  1. Click on the “Detail” button for the appropriate district ballot
  2. Scroll down to “Invitations”
  3. Select “Invite people from your contacts” – this will email everyone who was entered during pre-registration
  4. During vote week, select “Invite people by entering their e-mail address”

5. Type the voter’s e-mail address, separated by a line break (pressing “enter” or “return”) between e-mail addresses without punctuation

6. Click “send invitations”